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What is Beyond Dying Skies?

You have crash-landed on an alien planet in search of the next habitable world for humanity. Pollution, global warming, and socioeconomic issues are leading to the destruction of Earth. The government has hired you to save humanity from the brink of extinction by finding new worlds in outer space that are suitable to sustain human life. However your survival is now at stake as you fight against the elements trying to repair your spacecraft so you can return home!

Beyond Dying Skies is a free and open source (FOSS), 3D FPS-RPG game in active development primarily for the GNU/Linux operating system. It supports the GNU/Clang C++ toolchain and builds for Linux and Windows operating systems. It contains voxel, survival elements fused with a technologically enhanced futuristic setting. The game focuses on exploration of randomly generated worlds along with crafting items to enhance the ability of your character. The game is not merely survival, crafting sandbox, or RPG but a hybrid of all three. The game focuses on skillful movement similar to old school FPS shooters from the early 1990s, a progressive RPG like leveling system, and permadeath like mechanics similar to old school RPGs.

The FPS-RPG element needs to be emphasized. This isn't a game with a ton of art/music/developer man hours but a simplistic, efficiency focused fusion of a few good ideas. This game is tiny only 20MB! The idea originally was inspired from the glut of survival games on the market (none being fully FOSS by the way). Those games felt grindy and heavily focused on attaining "wealth" i.e game hours invested in the game to make any progress. This quickly became unsustainable and I quickly lost interest. I later asked the question why isn't this concept an RPG with jet packs, grappling hooks and an obsessive focus on blowing things up? Why not give the player some skillful movement like we had back in the 1990s? What could a single player game look like in 2018? Why does every game need to be multiplayer to be interesting? These questions motivated me to explore what is possible and what is reality.

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6 August 2018

Build 0.1.316 Released!

26 July 2018

Build 0.1.313-315 Released!

19 July 2018

Build 0.1.309-312 Released!

13 July 2018

Build 0.1.304-308 Released!

6 July 2018

Build 0.1.297-304 Released!

1 July 2018

Build 0.1.285-297 Released!

27 June 2018

Build 0.1.280-284 Released!

25 June 2018

Build 0.1.276-279 Released!

24 June 2018

Build 0.1.273-275 Released!

21 June 2018

Build 0.1.271-272 Released!

Development update video released! Check it out on our YouTube channel!

18 June 2018

Build 0.1.269-270 Released!

10 June 2018

Build 0.1.259-268 Released!

8 June 2018

Build 0.1.258 Released!

7 June 2018

Build 0.1.246-257 Released!

30 May 2018

Build 0.1.245 Released!

Development update video released! Check it out on our YouTube channel!

29 May 2018

Build 0.1.244 Released!

28 May 2018

Build 0.1.243 Released!

25 May 2018

Build 0.1.242 Released!

24 May 2018

Build 0.1.241 Released!

21 May 2018

Build 0.1.240 Released!

17 May 2018

Build 0.1.236 Released!

15 May 2018

Build 0.1.235 Released!

11 May 2018

Build 0.1.234 Released!

Development update video released! Check it out on our YouTube channel!

10 May 2018

Want to build the game from source code on Linux? Check out our latest YouTube video!

8 May 2018

Build 0.1.228-233 Released!

7 May 2018

Build 0.1.227 Released!

5 May 2018

Build 0.1.226 Released!

4 May 2018

Build 0.1.222-225 Released!

1 May 2018

Build 0.1.221 Released!

30 April 2018

Build 0.1.220 Released!

29 April 2018

Build 0.1.219 Released!

25 April 2018

Build 0.1.218 Released!

23 April 2018

Explore randomly generated fractal worlds in our latest YouTube video, Mandelbulb Monday 1!

20 April 2018

Build 0.1.217 Released! Check it out on our YouTube channel!

Various new recipes and bug fixes have been added to the game. A comprehensive list is detailed below: